Sunday, March 2, 2008

Week Two Review

So here I am, about to head into week three, and not a lot of posting happening.

Week two was pretty hectic and crazy. So much work to do, with three assignments to be completed for week three. I've been working hard on them, including tonight and am now feeling all headachy.

Biology was interesting, with a dissection being done in class. I had mentioned briefly to the facilitator that I had an ethical objection to participating in a dissection, but my comments were pretty much just brushed to the side. That said, my lab group is fantastic and understanding. I spoke with them before the dissection and said that I didn't want to participate due to my ethical objections to animal dissections, and they were fine with it. Seeing as I actually find the human and non-human body interesting I wasn't as concerned about observing the dissection. And it proved to be a good opportunity to talk to my lab group about why I have an ethical objection to the practice.

The dissection that was being done was of a Cow bone, and it enabled me to have a conversation about how Bovines typically don't even get to live a quarter of their lives. And that considering that a Cow may live for 20 years, and they are often killed by five years of age it wasn't a lot different to saying that I should have been dead by now - at just 28.

I'm pleased that I was able to use something that I was ethically opposed to as a way to start a conversation - and to start a conversation in a way that was accepted by those listening to it.

Other than the dissection, the week was good. I finally feel like I am starting to get into the right head space to be studying and there was a moment where I felt that it was all just falling into place.

I've still got a lot of work to get done before classes tomorrow and need to try and get a good nights sleep - and check to see if I will be getting a lift to uni tomorrow.


vivian said...

I have to say it was pretty disappointing to come across your blog in my search for vegan support against participating in dissections in nursing school. Did you realize that by observing the dissection and not insisting on an alternate assignment, you are helping to perpetuate the needless torture and death of these animals for school biology labs? I was scouring the internet for vegan nursing students who had taken the time to blog about their solutions to the dissection question, and your account describes the opposite of what I hope to accomplish.

Bass & Tea said...

I realise that not everybody would agree with my choice to observe the dissection, however if I had done an alternate assignment I would have missed out on the chance to educate others.

The people I was working with had no idea that a Cow that is not farmed has an average lifespan of 20 years, but those farmed typically live no more than 5 years. And while none of them have become vegan, they were all shocked to find that out.

For me it wasn't an easy decision, however I feel that by not participating and using the circumstances to educate others and potentially change their perceptions there is more to be gained than refusing to do something that was going to happen with or without my being there.

As I said earlier, I know my choices are not ones that everybody will agree with, but I believe in taking every opportunity to educate others and treated this as I would treat having lunch with an omni - especially since animals here are not specifically slaughtered for dissections.