Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Week one down, week two half over... and when do I stop feeling exhausted?

Week one over. Week two halfway through. There's a couple of things I want to know... actually there's just one thing that I really want to know - when do I stop feeling so tired? Seriously I can only remember feeling this tired at one other time in my life - and that's when I had glandular fever!!

I'm loving most of the work I am doing - and a lot of the classes I am taking this semester just keep on getting more interesting, but when I don't have classes all I want to do is sleep. I've managed to set my timetable up so that I have two days where I don't have to attend uni and where I should be doing study at home, but what do I end up doing? I sleep. And then I get annoyed with myself since I shouldn't be sleeping and I should be studying.

Apart from being so tired though it's great... or it will be when I get those assignments due in week three done.

The practical classes are fantastic. This week we practiced giving bed-baths to other students and making beds. The bed making wasn't too bad, since it's pretty much how I was taught to make my bed as a kid. And the baths were interesting... apparently I give a good bed-bath and the student I was bathing said that she really liked the way I bathed her hands and feet because it was soothing and relaxing. So I guess that's a good start.

A few rants about doing group work, but it doesn't surprise me that much, because I've never been all that good at taking part in group work. I tend to get frustrated that people don't listen to my opinion when I have a point to make. For example today I was working on a group assignment and one of the girls just out of high school was saying not to use websites as references, and I was saying that there are some websites that are actually good references, such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics website. However she refused point blank to accept that any website could be a good source of information.

I've been spending the last couple of days at uni coming out about my being vegan, which has been interesting. Of course there's been the usual reactions of "I wish I could be veg*n" or "That's got to be hard/restrictive", but so far most of the people I've told have been pretty cool about it. Although the hard part is going to be coming up soon - dissections. I have an ethical (and semi-philosophical/religious) objection to the use of animal dissections and have a feeling that it may be the first of many battles to come, but I'm going to stick it out.

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