Sunday, February 17, 2008

<15 hours until my first lecture

Wow! It's almost here, my first actual day and it's going to be a long one... I have three lectures and two tutorials starting from 9am and finishing at 6pm. For cone though I'm actually pretty organised and I'll really be getting into it all tomorrow.

And I'm not so worried about my studies and my classes - I'm just worried about the sillier things - like is there going to be any food on campus that I can eat? Or any drinks that are not ethically problematic? I'm not expecting there to be much, but it would be nice... Although when you consider that not only am I vegan, but I also appear to be gluten intolerant it does make thing a little harder, so packed lunches it will be.

So what's for lunch on day one? A pasta salad - brown rice penne pasta with semi-dried tomatoes and mushrooms cooked lightly in oil with fresh basil. Snack wise there's some nuts and dried fruit and of course my typical bottle of water. I'm still deciding if I'll pack some extras like corncakes with hummus.

The desk I was doing up was finished over the weekend and my sitting room is now transformed into a sitting room/study. And the desk looks awesome! It's hard to believe that it's the same one that was $25- from the op shop (opportunity shop - ie thrift shop). I've got all my books put in the cupboards and pens read to re-write lecture notes when I arrive back home tomorrow night.

Continuing in the disjointed format of this entry I am excited about starting my classes tomorrow. I will recognise one or two people and I'm sure I'll get over the initial 'I don't know anybody and feel out of place' soon enough.

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Renee B said...

Good luck!!

I've made a bunch of meals out of Ani's book over the last week, and they're all pretty darn quick and tasty to throw together, and very generous servings. Lots of those would probably be good to take! Made the polenta with mushroom ragout yesterday, omg, yum. Best polenta ever, hands down. I made the carob torte into "rum balls" and it was amazing. The lemon slices are great, too. I do cut out dates in savoury foods though, and cut right down on oil in soups especially... Us Australians aren't so into the fat and sugar tastes so much, methinks!