Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The part where I wonder 'what am I doing?' and 'Can I run away?'

Another orientation day - this one specifically for health sciences students, which means me.

After confusing myself over how to get to uni via public transport I managed to get a lift from my Dad who was driving across town for a meeting and could get there by going past my uni. That was good.

I was there early, but due to when the information sessions I was attending were on I got to miss out on witnessing a historic event - Sorry Day, where the Prime Minister said Sorry to the Stolen Generations on behalf of the Australian Government. I did get to see his speech later and it was beautiful. The words, the sentiment and the fact that an actual apology was made using the word sorry - and not just once either. I just hope it results in action and improvement in the lives of Indigenous Australians - something that is long overdue.

Sorry Day deserves it's own post and not just a small paragraph in this entry, but for the moment I will leave it at that so I can give it the attention it deserves.

Today was the introduction to the Nursing Course and Faculty. For me it was a moment that said "Okay, this is it, you're doing this now". And while I want to do this, it was for me a moment where I thought of running away. A point of no return, because for me sitting through that presentation was making a final commitment to becoming a Nurse.

While classes have yet to start this was the moment that finally made me feel like I was starting on this journey. Just a few more days and I'll be heading off to my first lecture... now that's scary!

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