Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day 2 of Classes - A Clinical Lab, Coffee and Tiredness

Day two of classes - or a day to do one subject. 8am lecture, one of the most interesting so far and I'm looking forward to more of them... a bit on the history of nursing, and an introduction to clinical work. Next up my first clinical lab session - a lot of going over rules and regulations before heading onto the first skill - handwashing. Sounds simple, right? It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be and I was told I need to cut my nails - something I don't mind doing, but since I was told I wouldn't get my hands and nails cleaned well I had to prove them wrong - and it only took two attempts!

A break and some of that awesome coffee. Mmmmmm.... A trip to the bookshop to discover that the book I need to get is out of stock (not that I've ever seen it in stock there!), which lead to a visit to the library. And my feeling totally lost... A two hour loan of the book I need to buy - with the reading chapter read in just 20 minutes. Not bad! Then a tutorial. A familiar situation... no tutor turning up. A phone call on my pointing out a phone in the room and a request for somebody to turn up. A moment later the tutor shows up apologetic that she was running late, and just a few minutes later the lecturer in charge turning up in response to a call saying that there was nobody there and explanations that we - the students called because our tutor hadn't turned up and the tutor saying that she had been late.

Home reasonably early, but ever so tired. All I want to do is sleep, but there is more reading to be done and I need to start on assignments, re-write notes and downloading of course information to be done - and emails to be sent. But at the moment all I can think of is sleep - so it's off to feed guinea pigs, grabbing the text I need to read and curling up in bed to sleep.

I just hope that it's not as exhausting next week.

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